super red bristlenose pleco growth rate

Posted by 3 years ago. Thanks, RobertWelcome to Fishkeeping World. In the aquarium trade, fish of this genus are common where they are known as bushynose or bristlenose catfish. I know which pair of the 8 are responsible and often see the male climbing the Nursery to checkHi Donna, yes you’ve definitely done the right thing. what veggies could my pleco eat that my other fish wont eat or get sick from if they take a bite?I feed my plecos at night after I turn off the lights because my Bettas eat the wafers if they see them.I have had 2 albino and 2 regular pigmented bristlenose plecos for about 2 years in a large planted tank.

Thanks, RobertHi there! The Calico ‘s body is mostly orange with some black, shadowy patches dispersed around it. They like shadowed areas, so the better you can create the more of these. There are a huge selection of filters available, from HOB, to canister, to undergravel filters, so how do you know which one to choose for your how do i feed my pleco if my mollies keep eating their pellets. In addition, providing driftwood in your tank will allow algae to grow somewhere for the fish to feed on.The water temperature should be maintained from 15-27oC (60-80 F) anywhere, the water hardness should fall within 20-25, and the pH should be in 6.5-7.5. Depending on what other fish you lodge with your Bristlenose, you will need a minimum tank size of 25 gallons, and you should make sure that the tank’s bottom, which is where they spend most of their time, is big. They produce a good quantity of waste so the bigger the tank the better, especially if they are housed with other fish.Occasionally rushing to the surface for air is not unusual for this fish, but if you notice this is a frequent thing, it may indicate that there is too much ammonia and nitrates in the water, or not enough oxygen.They spend most of their time hiding on the algae that grows on all surfaces and grazing. While they’re fantastic in keeping your tank clean and eating plenty of algae, algae won’t give them a balanced diet. Their diet should consist of roughly 85% plant matter and 15 % protein. You should feed them with tablets specifically developed for herbivores such as sinking algae pellets or wafers at the bottom of the dwelling. Also, you can feed them with blanched vegetables – try a variety to see what they like best. Parboiled lettuce or cabbage leaves, carrots, cucumber or peas are a few examples of things you could try feeding.

Recall taking any left of food or vegetables out of the tank within one day of feeding them to avoid them starting to deteriorate and affect the conditions of the water. If you feed your Plecos vegetables every day, they’ll probably get enough fiber, but if you can’t commit to being consistent, you’ll need to give them another fiber source. Not only will you provide them with fibrous matter by putting a piece of driftwood in your tank, but you’ll also create another space where algae can grow for them to eat.

I have small algae wafers, and would like to know – in general, how much should I give him per day? Thank you!Hi Andrew, in most instances I would advise against keeping them together. Thanks, RobertHi, just purchased 2 Bristlenose Plecos,they are both very small and I can’t see many(if any) bristles to know what sex they are.

!Hi Barb, one wafer every day or two should be fine. This is even more important if you plan on breeding them.Your Bristlenose Plecos should be fed once or twice a day.With regard to plants in your tank, Bristlenoses usually leave them well alone as long as they are well fed.If you notice them starting to eat your plants – it may well be a sign that you’re not feeding them enough.Another good tip to determine whether your Bristlenoses are being well fed is their color. Sponge filter rated for 75g and aquaclear 110 to keep things running. My betta has never encountered other fish that I know of so I have no idea if he’s aggressive or not is there a way to check before I buy a bristle (I don’t want my betta to pick on her)Hi Misha, you could try getting another fish in a tank just next to him and watch to see if he flares, however the only true way to tell will be to add another fish. It is not known they are suffering from major health problems.Having said that, they can still face common problems such as Ich, bacterial infections, and more. This makes consuming algae from the substratum easier for them, and clinging to vertical surfaces.The fish also have slightly elongated lips, compared to other Plecos. Another difference between the Plecos and the Bristlenose is that the head is wider. The tank is 65 gallons, and we’ll planted, with some Terra Cotta hides. I simply have a 55 gallon tank with guppies and pleco’s. I have done all I can with keeping water conditions and feeding after lights out.

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