theocracy pros and cons

Otherwise, his voice would not be heard and his authority ignored by the population.

Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs, and The Roman Empire were all theocratic governments. The Pros and Cons of being a Theocracy.

To challenge a theocratic ruler or group is often viewed as questioning the deity that they represent.Since most theocratic citizens want to remain compliant, this is the last thing they want to do.

In the U.S., people believe that politicians are appointed by God’s will, making their government system pseudo-theocracy or theodemocracy. There will not be conflicting political parties. In Saudi Arabia, all aspects of law are maintained by religious courts and there is a religious police that ensures society complies by the rules and regulations set.Several movements are pushing for the resurrection of this type of government, but there is a question of whether or not it makes a difference.The public would also have a more obedient attitude, because a high power would demand compliance, which is hard to argue. 1. Theocratic Government Systems Make it Hard to Change or Do Things DifferentlyTheocratic societies are extremely static. (That would be too high of a concentration of power). However, most of the people who live in this type of government do think in this way. Flavius Josephus was the first man to come up with the concept of theocracy in 50 C.E. 2.

Theocracy is a form of government wherein God or a religious being is considered as the supreme ruler. Making a compromise is easy 7 Chief Pros and Cons of Theocracy.

This is why many minorities within theocratic systems have limited rights and sometimes they lose their citizenship.

This type of government is more popular in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world. A Christian person knows that God commands people not to steal.

In the past, this assembly of Senatorial-princes of the church not only includes clerics and Ordinaries, but also men who are not holding any religious position. so whether the change is as simple as adding a traffic light or as complex as a social reform, it will be carried out, especially if it is based on religious On paperTheocracy comes from a Greek word that translates to "the rule of God".

Why do the people arguing for democracy, say that it is a better system, than a monarchy?

Here is a list of the pros and cons of a theocracy style government. Pros and Cons of Theocracy... Pros and Cons of Drilled and Slotted Rotors... Pros and Cons of Colonizing Mars. Concepts and rights such as freedom of speech are not tolerated within many theocratic societies. They can even work together on joint projects that would benefit their perspective nations.7.

Religious beliefs can work with government, but they struggle to be effective when working as government. They might not serve their deity in the same exact way, but if they agree on major points they can be allies. This type of structure tends to support the majority position within the country and allow for less overall societal conflict within that majority because everyone believes something similar.A theocracy can also create discord because it is directly tied to religious beliefs. Wiki User. These pros and cons are the result of theocracy and minarchy characteristics. This will help to give a theocratic nation an advantage on the world scene within the realm of politics.Also, having an ally with the same belief system can help a theocratic nation to receive aid and assistance in times of crisis.

Cons: 1. This is possible because the people generally believe that their cooperative efforts are in support of their deity and society. What Are the Cons of Theocracy? This deity provides divine direction to a group of selected individuals to carry out their will on Earth. Many theocratic societies take this aspect of their religion to heart. In the past, this assemblyList of Pros of Theocracy If not, a minority group could draw a wedge within a theocratic system.

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