verbena officinalis vs blue vervain

Sign up for our newsletter. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Headaches 2. Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) We all have particular herbal medicines that are close to our heart, those plants that seem to reflect a part of us back to ourselves- those plants that when we work with in a deep way we remember some essential part of the self. This variety grows in a similar way to Brazilian verbena but blue vervain is hardier in colder temperatures and produces blue flowers.

() Apparently, vervain roots are more effective than leaves in this matter.All the health benefits linked to vervain use are based on the properties of its phytochemicals.The iridoids hastatoside and verbenalin have anti-inflammatory, sleep-promoting, and anti-anxiety action (The flavonoids apigenin, kaempferol, and luteolin show sedative, antioxidative, and neuroprotective properties (The leaves and roots of vervain are rich in terpenoids that may help to balance intestinal function and alleviate diarrhea (The two main ways to reap all the health benefits of vervain are by drinking vervain teas or decoctions or by applying topical preparations of the herb. The Greeks called it In Christian lore, vervain was used to treat Christ’s wounds on the cross, which is why vervain is sometimes called the herb of the cross.The Aztecs and other Native American tribes used vervain roots and vervain flowers as a diuretic and as a natural treatment for headaches, circulatory issues, and insomnia.During the Middle Ages, vervain was often used in magicians’ and witches’ potions. The vervain plant will grow wild in most soils. Egyptians believed vervain first sprung from the tears of the goddess Isis as she mourned the death of the god Osiris.

He created 38 distinct blends of brandy and water with extremely low doses of medicinal herbs. This plant probably tops many people’s ‘love that plant’ list.

To prepare a vervain decoction, put about 2 oz (56 g) of vervain in a pot and top with about 33 oz (1 liter) of cold water. It is handsome and graceful and sturdy and what a gorgeous sight with many blooming at the same time covering an expanse of bog or swamp. Blue vervain (Verbena hastata).

Even its nicknames convey adoration, as in: Vervain was a sacred plant to several ancient civilizations, including ancient Egypt. Read on to learn how this lovely flowering medicinal herb improves health.Also known by such names as common verbena, wild verbena, simpler’s joy, holy herb, enchanter’s plant, mosquito plant, wild hyssop, Indian hyssop, blue vervain, juno’s tears, pigeon’s grass, pigeonweed, and herb of the cross, vervain answers to many names.What is verbena?

The tannins are part of what gives the vervain herb its astringent (constricting) properties. Other active plant components include glycosides (verbenin) and alkaloids.These chemical plant compounds give vervain its healing medicinal properties.The bioactive compounds naturally contained in the Vervain plant interact with your body. Vervain regained popularly in the 1930s as one of the 38 flowering plants used in a homeopathic tincture called Bach Flower Remedy, variations of which are still sold today. Who knows, maybe vervain is, indeed, a plant that promotes merriness—just like ancient herbalists believed?A small study back from 1993 reported that a herbal tea with vervainfennel, and lemon balm was much more effective in eliminating baby colic than placebo. The medicinal use of vervain can be traced back to the 18th century book "Sauer's Herbal Cure," where it was said to aid in the treatment of kidney stones. The accumulation of this compound is an important toxic factor involved in the development of the disease (Vervain has long been used in folk medicine as a relaxant or nerve tonic, and animal research currently backs up this use.A study in rats determined that doses of 0.04–0.22 grams per pound (0.1–0.5 grams per kg) of body weight of vervain extract had an anxiety-reducing effect comparable to diazepam, a popular drug used to reduce anxiety (Other studies in rats have concluded that the extract may help manage convulsions or seizures in those with neurological diseases such as epilepsy by prolonging their onset time and shortening their duration (This was attributed to verbenin, an essential component in vervain.

While it’s usually well tolerated, there have been reports of side effects (Animal studies show that consuming vervain extract during pregnancy may lead to poor weight gain and fetal abnormalities like reduced bone ossification, or hardening. Or you can just soak a clean cloth in a strong version of vervain tea and apply directly to your skin.As always, consult with an herbalist or herbal medical practitioner if you are new to medicinal herbs. Rigid verbena (Verbena rigida).

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