viper remote start not working after disconnecting battery

On some models it is located on the antenna assembly.When the LED from the remote start brain turns on solid, the tach was programmed successfully.If the vehicle does not start on the first attempt, let the remote start attempt again. Hood Pin Has Broken or Failed. Any ideas? There are a couple things that could be causing this.

If nothing at all works when you use the remote, you might have to re-pair the remote to the system.Have not used since summer now its cold and wont work what do I need to do?Not a lot of information to go by here. It happens when the engine is cold at first start up in the morning.

But if you do decide to try and take this on yourself, the bypass manufacturer’s website should have somewhere that you can put in your vehicle information and it will give you install manuals for the different firmware options that are compatible with your vehicle.Having remote start issues can be really frustrating.

This typically happens when it is programmed for voltage sense. Are you doing the shut down sequence properly? I have a 4105V. I have a feeling its related to the auto start from the alarm but now Im stuck. Hit the start button and all lights flash…it beeps..nothing happens. I can’t verify for you though without knowing the year of your car.How long is the warranty for the fob and thanks for the quick reply!No problem! It samples the voltage when you activate the remote start and continues to sample voltage hundreds of times per second to determine when the engine has started.If one of these engine sensing options is not programmed properly or there are changes in your vehicle’s electrical system due to temperature or battery age, the remote start may not recognize when the engine has started. I have tried charging the battery overnight with no changes to the display. It still controls the remote starter and door locks. Seems like I hit the program button or something by mistake and it needs to be reset.Hi David. Does this eliminate the pairing problem?Yes, if the system responds to the door locks then the remotes are paired. Are you able to see the status LED? If your attempt to remote start the vehicle fails, you might see the parking lights flash a number of times. So if the unit is still under warranty, I would say yes.My new Viper V415BF remote will start my Pontiac G-6 but the heat/ defrost/ blowers won’t work.Hi John, it sounds like an accessory wire at the ignition harness is not being powered by the remote start. Is this a warranty claim for the fob?It sounds like the remote is defective for sure if the display isn’t working. A more reliable method would be to connect the tach input wire on the remote start and program it for tach sensing.I have a Viper 7856VP remote car starter. I would check to make sure that everything is plugged in properly and that no main ignition fuses are blown. The light still lit up, but it seemed as if the alarm wasn't responding to the remote. Double check your vehicle wiring information and make sure that the remote start is connected to power on all accessory circuits listed.We just got new brakes on the rear of my 08 Civic and a new battery. ThanksYou’ll need to find the installation manual for that system and locate that feature in the programming menu.I have a 1 way viper remote. I have a 2013 F-150.If the remote start thinks that the truck is running after one attempt then it sounds like engine checking has been turned off on the remote start. First, the issue with the remote start not starting the truck. When you try to remote start it, what does it do?

I have a manual transmission and it worked fine for the tech but now winter is coming and I can’t seem to get it to work.What does it do when you attempt to remote start? Do you know what the issue might be?I don’t know of any known issues but the blower fan not coming on with remote start would indicate that there is an accessory circuit that is normally powered when the ignition is on that the remote start is not powering. Hope this helps!Just bought a viper 7816v, for a 2018 Toyota Rav 4, it was professionally installed, had it 1 week and it started once, now the remote blinks orange and red, and buzzes, and wont start the car, any ideasThat would indicate that the remote start is “seeing” a signal from one of the shutdown sources.

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