what religion am i flowchart

Vaishnavites believe that it is more important to believe and to be devout than to study the doctrines and focus on religious knowledge.There are subdivisions within Vaishnavism.

The Orthodox Church is lead by the head bishops (although these bishops don’t have the same power as the Pope does in Catholicism).
Orthodox Jews reject the changes of all of the various reformist changes to Judaism and believe firmly in the traditional Jewish beliefs and practices. In Anglicanism, there is no central source of power: no Pope, no Patriach, and no worldwide Anglican Church (the connections with Protestantism are clear). It grew out of an early ascetic movement within Islam. The earliest form of Sufism arose during the Umayyad Dynasty (661-749). A few centuries later, the emphasis on asceticism changed into mysticism.

Distinctive Roman Catholic beliefs include the special authority of the pope, the ability of saints to intercede on behalf of believers, the concept of Purgatory as a place of afterlife purification before entering Heaven, and the doctrine of transubstantiation – that is, that the bread used in the Eucharist becomes the true body of Christ when blessed by a priest.The roots of the Anglican Church lie within its first church, the Church of England; in fact the Medieval Latin meaning of Anglican is “of England.”  Just like Protestantism, Anglicanism was formed in an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church (Anglicanism formed just 20 years after Protestantism). They include:Shaivism is regarded as a monotheistic sect. The Eastern Orthodox Church has always reflected a more philosophical branch of Christianity. The Episcopalian Church originated through the War of Independence in America; after the war Americans didn’t want to be associated with the English Church, so they derived the Episcopalian Church. Gil on August 27, 2014 at 9:17 am I said meh to bacon…and I “like” hummus in the right context, but I simply refuse to worship Molech, so I’m not a Moslem. The Orthodox Church originated after the Great Schism between the western and eastern parts of Constantinople; today the greatest Orthodox population remains in that area (Greece, Turkey, Russia).The Roman Catholic Church is, by far, the biggest denomination of Christianity with more than one billion followers. In Sunni Islam, the successor of Prophet Muhammad was Abu Bakr, a close companion of the Prophet’s. The major sects of Hinduism are the following:Vaishnavism is regarded as a monotheistic sect. But more importantly, the aid for ALL of us Earthlings on this planet is coming from supreme powers that cannot be understood from within the Universe.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Reform Judaism came about in Germany in the early 1800s as a reaction against the perceived severity of Orthodox Judaism as well as a response to Germany’s increasing liberal political climate.Some changes that were made included the de-emphasis on Jews as a united people, the discontinuation of prayers for a return to their historic homeland, prayers and sermons being recited in German instead of Hebrew, the addition of organ music to the synagogue service, and a lack of observance of the dietary laws.

So I am a formerly gay man, and a former transgender woman (thankfully i still have all my parts, though the hormones left me with small breasts). The core principles of Sufism include Tawakkul, which is the absolute trust in God; Tawhid, which is the truth that there is no deity but God; and the combination of God and nature. Lastly, the universal priesthood of believers encourages followers to read the Bible and take action in all church related activities and government. During this period many mystics focused on the Doomsday passages in the Quran, which is how they earned nicknames like “those who always weep.”Sufis lead a life of strict obedience to the Islamic scripture and tradition and are associated with their regular night prayers. they are schools of religious law that associate themselves with four great scholars of early Isla,m: Abu Haneehfa, Malik, Shafi’I and Ahmad bin Hanbal. I'm now living as a man, celibate until I can find a female partner, if God wants that This process was repeated through English colonies; although the Church of England was the first branch of Anglicanism, today there are over 40 independent national Anglican Churches.The Protestant church goes directly to the Word of God for instruction, and to the throne of grace in his devotions. It is organized under the Union for Reform Judaism in America.
Some Shi’a holidays, in addition to the general Muslim holidays, include Arba’een Arba’een, Eid-al Ghadeer, Eid al- Mub ahila, Milad al-Nabi, and Mid of Shaban.Sunni Islam is the largest Islamic sect. It's a clever and seemingly pretty darn accurate flow chart of what religion you end up with, given your answers to a few questions. Well, Hailey, actually I do like the Religion Cheat Sheet. This prayer book forms the historical basis for most Anglican liturgy around the world.The Anglican Church was originally spread through English colonization, but this also led to the several independent Anglican Churches. There are also numerous sects and numerous sacred books. Orthodox Jews also strictly observe the Sabbath and religious festivals and do not permit instrumental music during communal services, in memory of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.Reform Judaism is known as the most liberal denomination of Judaism. With that said there are a few essential differences. Frankel insisted that Jewish tradition and rituals were essentials.Conservative Jews observe the Sabbath and dietary laws, although a few modifications have been made to the latter. The basic idea in Shi’a leadership is that the clergy, by virtue of their superior knowledge of the laws of God, are the best qualified to rule the society of believers who are preparing themselves on earth to live eternally in heaven.Some of the Shi’a religious practices and observances differ slightly from the other main sect, Sunnis. I am a man, but I don't believe gender should matter in religion. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, “Reform Judaism.” Jewish Literacy (William Morrow and Company, 2001), 241-43.“Conservative Judaism.” Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service, 2004.

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