why did orlov reveal salt

It doesn’t take much to realize at the end that Evelyn Salt was trained as a Russian spy but then turned “good,” as in pro-American. Did this explosive end redeem Season 2?After all the plaudits and accolades Homeland gathered in the first season, there was a lot to live up to in Season 2.

Had she planned for the mission? Orlov went to the CIA office to switch her on, to let her know that it was time. “Satisfied?” She asks, seemingly unfazed. What triggered his mission?After nuclear was is averted. F that! Winter incapacitates the President and begins aiming nuclear missiles at As Salt is being led out in chains, Winter grabs a pair of scissors planning to kill her as she is led past him. Except maybe Salt; but even then, they kept deceiving us throughout the movie with what side she’s on. At this point it’s tough to care. He reveals the next part of the plot to Salt, breaking into America’s nuclear bunker, kidnapping the President and starting a nuclear war with Russia.
At the start of the film in the interogation why does Orlov reveal Salt's identity if he wants her to go and kill the president???

He reveals the next part of the plot to Salt, breaking into America’s nuclear bunker, kidnapping the President and starting a nuclear war with Russia. Daniel Pearce as Young Orlov.

Angelina Jolie works for the CIA and she’s getting ready to go home for her wedding anniversary when a Russian defector named Orlov is brought in for questioning. Are Quinn and Adul some sort of unit that has gone rogue? The place where the Russian President has been stated to be.Act two is where everything falls apart. Why doesn’t she just disappear? Wouldn't that have screwed the whole thing up … You know who I like? The statement didn't reveal why they decided to close now.

Why did the CIA not think to send people to her apartment straight after she escaped? If she can’t get into the bunker after the door closes, everything might be a loss.Needless to say she manages to catch up just at the last moment and make it through into the bunker. He reveals the next part of the plot to Salt, breaking into America’s nuclear bunker, kidnapping the President and starting a nuclear war with Russia. This sleeper attempts to assassinate the President by blowing himself up, but ends up triggering emergency procedures that takes the President into a safe room deep in the bowels of the White house. He was fingered as a mole by Carrie when it was thought Abu Nazir has escaped but he would be the obvious answer and would be too pat an ending.Carrie – Bipolar, scatty and at at times maddeningly irrational. He will be taking Homeland Questions and Answers on his twitter feed on the 26th (Quinn – The third Brit (Rupert Friend) in the Mix (alongside Brody and Estes). Unfortunately for her, she should have just gone home because Orlov has arrived to clue them in on the fact that Russian sleeper agents are preparing to move forward with a plot to kill the Russian President at the upcoming funeral for the American Vice President. Why? He reveals the next part of the plot to Salt, breaking into America’s nuclear bunker, kidnapping the … Everyone who has trusted Christ for salvation and is born again is the salt of the earth and the light of the world. It winds your clock tight and the alarm doesn't go off for 100 minutes. Angelina's so great in this part. Why did she go back to her apartment after fleeing? Andre Braugher as Secretary of Defense. In there it turns out Winter, Salts colleague, is also sleeper. Love is suppose to trump all. Salt is arrested but before they can take her away in a kerfuffle she engineers  she uses her handcuffs to choke Winter to death.Why did she kill him? However, Salt falls short of any accolades and will probably end up in the $5 bin at Wal *Mart when things are said and done.I thought it was a very good movie, with really innovative plot twists. The child has been trained as an assassin and  is to be triggered to kill the Russian President, a reformer, who is on a visit to the USA. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Salt got into church, blew up the floor beneath the lectern where the Russian President was giving a Eulogy and as he dropped through the floor to where she was, she shot him.More questions?

Salt 2 – Salt Movie 2 Box Office. The CIA interrogator deems Orlov a crackpot until he names the agent tasked with killing the Russian president: Evelyn Salt. She keeps a low profile and ends up taking refuge in a hotel under a new guise with a fake name. You thought the plot was going to be her trying to save her husband and clear her name. Why did Orlov’s visit trigger Salt’s flight? He tells a story of children trained by the Soviets as sleeper agents, how they are swapped with the real children of Americans and embedded as sleeper agents. I don’t know if it can be him, he just seems to reliable.Estes – A mole deep in the top echelons of the CIA. It almost seems gratuitous violence to reboot the show – a “shark jumping” moment, psychological tension replaced by formulaic violence. Jason Bourne would be rolling over in his grave if he were dead.The pressing question was supposed to be, who is Salt? It’s certainly not for disguise purposes because everything else about her remains exactly the same. Two years later, on Salt and Krause's wedding anniversary, a Russian defector named Oleg Vasilyevich Orlov (A while later at the funeral, Salt shoots President Matveyev and then surrenders herself to Peabody instead of killing him.

He kills all the agents and with the President all alone tries to force him to launch a nuclear war. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

GAAAH!!! Salt (of the Earth) The value of salt, especially in the ancient world can not be under estimated. Had she planned for the mission? "Noyce later said he had other projects and would not participate. Fast forward quite a few years and a Russian defector Orlov, turns up out of the blue to Salt’s office and is brought in for interrogation led by Salt.
I saw salt today, but I'm a little confused on what really happened. How did she escape form so many well trained agents? - Salt in the Bible and in folklore. We will only really know when we see how they follow on next week if this is a real change in the show’s direction.

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