why do cats sleep with their heads hanging down

The cat will keep its head upright to remain alert. Depending exactly how your cat is sleeping, it’s likely they are sleeping like this to keep warm. If sleep claims the cat, the head will eventually drop. That’s not even really the warm part of the computer, so what gives, kitty? If you have a cat sleeping face down, then everything is normal. You may see cats sleeping like this in households with children and generally noisy environments. Keeps Her Nose Warm. Your cat's head is very heavy compared to the rest of its body and requires a lot of muscular effort to hold it up. They love to perform and be the center of attention, showing-off amazing feats of agility by jumping and leaping in the air through invisible hoops.
But if it’s visibly pressing its head against a wall when awake and is obviously not relaxed, it might be time to visit a vet.Other symptoms that can alert you to potential health problems in your cat are disoriented behavior, walking into walls or in circles, sudden depression, and an affinity towards drooling.In short, you can learn more about cats’ sleeping positions by setting up some time to observe them. Other symptoms that may accompany this include compulsive pacing and circling, changes in learned (trained) behavior, seizures, damaged reflexes, and visual problems. Kneading is where cats will pretend to be massage therapists and rub their paws on any surface (including you). Head-pressing can occur when the cat is awake, while sleeping, and even while eating. Perhaps they are aware of the amusement that they provide their human family members and do it on purpose to make us laugh.Another typical but hilarious cat sleeping position, this one is performed with the cat sleeping on its back with the legs open and one or both sets of paws in the air doing some kind of Michael Jackson The belly-up position means that the cat feels safe and secure in its environment. By studying their behaviors, you’ll be able to more innately interpret their actions and respond with appropriate care.This position takes form when the cat tucks all four of its feet under its body and curls its tail around. By They’re also protecting their vulnerable organs. Here’s what I found out about why some cats sleep with their heads upside down!One thing I’m pretty sure about is that if a cat is sleeping with their head in this position they are likely covering their ears, and maybe even their eyes. Well, I have and it’s not all that thrilling. In this position, the cat lies on its side and stretches out its arms in front. Depending exactly how your cat is sleeping, it’s likely they are sleeping like this to keep warm. By They are not sleeping, they are meditating.

What they do is obvious. I love him. Find out the secret behind this odd dog behavior!. Doesn't seem to be any pain involved. This thing that some cats do — hanging their heads over their water bowls — is nearly pathognomonic for one disease. If caught with your hand on its stomach, it won’t be pleased and may respond by attacking. The cat tucks its paws and tail to keep warm. These are positions they will choose when they don’t feel the need to stay as alert.I get the feeling that if my cats could wear eye patches to block out the light and sleep all day long, as well as all night, they would.Sometimes cats find themselves in the face down position as a way of avoiding light or other distractions that dare to disturb their much needed extra hours of sleep.Don’t forget, cats like to sleep for 16+ hours around the clock, not just when it’s dark.If you enjoyed this article – why do cats sleep face down – I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the other informational and cat Does your sleep in the face down position sometimes?

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