will crossbow kill wisteria

It is most often applied as a foliar spray.Imazapyr, known commercially as Arsenal, is another broad-spectrum herbicide that can be applied by spraying on both pre-emergent and post-emergent growth of wisteria. It is too large of an area to cut and brush the cutting with roundup. You'll have to watch it close, and as soon as leaves start to grow, spray it again.

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Element 4 is typically a tad cheaper. I would assume you would be using a spray wand so I'd use a 5% solution mixed well.

Helena Chemical in Selma, AL 334-875-2737 or Red River Specialties in Americus, GA 229-924-9459 are vendors who stock this product. You just have to stay with it because every runner will shoot roots down in several places. Solution 2, and this is where the persistent comes in...spray with roundup, then cut it at the ground when it turns brown.

This herbicide can be used in relatively low volumes.Clopyralid is sold under the trade names Stringer, Curtail, Transline and Redeem. 5-6 years ago we clear cut the land, had stumpage removed,and leveled the land. Wisteria grows an extensive root system, so if you just cut the vine off at the ground, it will keep coming up for years.

WisteR ia was growing in planted pines. It's worked for me.You can, at times, call up a magnificent turkey gobbler and, when his life is in your hands, let him live. Crossbow is a vegetation management product which means it is not very selective, it will kill almost anything. It can be sprayed on the foliage, injected into the plant or applied to cut surfaces.Triclopyr, sold as Garlon 4 and Remedy, is relatively selective, affecting mainly woody plants such as wisteria as well as some broadleaf plants while leaving grasses and conifers intact. All Rights Reserved.

It is important, prior to treating an affected area, to determine if there are any native species that will be adversely affected by the herbicide being applied. While they do have a place within the garden setting, their aggressive growth habits and prolific reproductive abilities can make them a threat to native species. Many herbicides are broad spectrum and will affect a wide variety of plants. Foliar spraying can be done for large infestations where the stems are relatively inaccessible. You must log in or register to reply here. In spite of its beauty and fragrance, wisteria is a fast growing vine that can quickly take over plants (including trees) as well as any buildings (like your home) if given the chance.

Its now a 4 acre food/foilage plot. This herbicide is broad-spectrum and nonselective.

You can cut the vine and immediately paint it with roundup to kill the roots. JavaScript is disabled. - Gene Nunnery, The Old Pro Turkey HunterTry a mix of glyphosate (roundup) and 2-4-d. Hard to get rid of but not as bad as Kudzu. I don't know how much you have but here are a few options. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Iknow for a fact it'll kill wisteria.

Dont let those beautiful, sweet-smelling blooms fool you. Any suggestions to wipe it out?It is very hard to get rid of. To improve the contact time for spray herbicides, a surfactant can be added to the mixture. Remedy as mentioned appears to be the exact same stuff as the above and it may be even cheaper.go to the nears auction barn and get a few goats 25 dollars a goat at some places and then when your done with them take them back to the barn and get your money back!you can use garlon i think that is a good sugestion if you can get it the other option i would sugest is cuting off the main (largest vines) and treating several times with tordon (again if you can get it) pm me and i can point you to a dealer of RTU Tordon.Op of old thread. September is a fine time for treatment. With this in mind, it may become necessary to eradicate Chinese and Japanese wisteria in certain environments.

X2 on the REMEDY, I sell the heck out of it for the use on Kudzu and things of that nature.

Several different herbicides are effective and include picloram, triclopyr, glyphosate, imazapyr and clopyralid. There are others around but these are two I know do carry it.
This can be effectively accomplished with herbicides.Asian wisterias were introduced into the United States as ornamental plants in the early 1800s. While they do have a place within the garden setting, their aggressive growth habits and prolific reproductive abilities can make them a threat to native species.

We have areas in pine plantations that have to be re-treated every year to control it.that stuff is tough to get under control, and even harder to kill.

Garlon4 or Element4 (same product) works well in controlling the stuff. It comes in 2.5 gal jugs and it isn’t the cheapest stuff but if you want to knock it out this will work.

Garlon4 or Element4 tends to float around some when used during periods above 85 degrees so I'd go easy if it’s used near flowers or a garden. Iknow for a fact it'll kill wisteria. Put the coils into a 5-gallon bucket with Roundup in it and leave them there for several days - the prolonged exposure to the Roundup will allow more to reach the root system. You'll have to be persistent. Clopyralid is more selective than other herbicides.

Iknow for a fact it'll kill wisteria. X2 on the REMEDY, I sell the heck out of it for the use on Kudzu and things of that nature. It can also be used in foliar spraying, injection or cut stump applications.Glyphosate is commonly sold under the brand names Roundup, Rodeo and Accord.

Another few years it ought to be gone. This is a forestry herbicide so not all chemical dealers stock it.

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