winter's bone mise en scene

The Sheriff, exercising his marshal authority, attempts to arrest Teardrop. Any tech is run down and their … Understanding audiences and target audiences 4 weeks ago Unable to reign in the outlaw, the sheriff is forced to back down when Teardrop pulls out his shotgun. Your message goes here Suppressed resentments boil over, accusations of mistrust multiply, and carefully concealed secrets slowly crack open as Ree tracks down her father with the reluctant aid of her brutal uncle, Teardrop (John Hawkes). A Movie Poster Analysis, in this case I analyse the poster for the low budget feature "Winter's Bone" Ree is shown to take the role as a father when she teaches her siblings how to hunt and gut squirrels, Sonny's reluctance to gut the squirrel foreshadows his future responsibilities as a man, again showing how the patriarchy negatively affects both genders. Ree's character does offer hope but much more is needed. The film creates its realism through its use of mise-en-scene, the characters wear second-hand clothing from locals to give it a more authentic feel.

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Debra Granik’s grasp of her subject, and the precision with which she directs her actors in this tense thriller is impressive. Granik's Style - For 'Winter's Bone' This uses organic and incremental processes such as: Video and photographic documentation of the families in the Missouri Ozarks ... Every scene contains the bare minimum of mise-en-scene. But it is impossible to discuss the film’s significance in American cinema without mentioning the critical role of gender in Patriarchy can also be seen in the showdown scene. Teardrop’s threat of violence is (at least to the sheriff) irrational and nihilistic. In order to stop the law from taking her house Ree throws on her Carhartt jacket and hunts for the deadbeat Jessup. The barrenness of the Ozarks is so pervasive, one only takes in stray details. Gives context and paints a tableau of contextual detailsWinter's Bone is active because people have to ask questions throughout the film, interpreting all the implicit information in their own ways.Shown information which the characters have not been shown We are aligned with Rhee and rout for her,We want Rhee to do wellDefinition: Simple readings of the film (aligned with text) Within exam need to express how my own gender affects my reading of the filmDefinition: Mostly aligned with the text but own circumstances influence viewsExample: Rhee should have stayed at home and tended to her siblings instead of trying to fix everything.Definition: Goes against the text completely, does depend on peoples circumstances Example: People could focus on the gender aspect of the film too much, resulting in them not taking notice of the actual plot Ree looks condescending because she is already doing it by raising her siblingsChildren are shown as having fun in the scene, reality is it's hard workOne of the girls says hello to Ree, maybe she was part of the group but could no longer attend due to having to look after her brother and sisterRee looks through the window, like she wishes to join themThey are united, move with purpose, order, presentation and pride, which is what the military want Dogs are alway barking within the film, especially when she goes to people's housesImplies that people are willing to fight for what they believingWhen outside dogs can normally withstand harsh environmentsLike Ree is withstanding the harsh environment, as in actual environment but also the communityRepresents Ree's lack of possibilities for her future, may always be chained to homeRee wears baggy clothing and most of the women do in the filmNone of the female characters are sexualised in anywayAdded by using naturalistic sounds and documentary soundsLots of small companies help to make the film and then a big company buys itWinter's Bone got funded by private investors, tax breaks and hedge fundsMakes audience aware of female and male layers in the houseMakes us question their relationship because it seems like he doesn't do much the wife does everythingThis is when the circumstance of women acting traditional comes in because the women do look after the husbands Rhee holds the baby, showing her mothering instinct Links to when she sees the people at the school with babiesHer friend has gone down one of the three routs Rhee could choose and that's raising a familyRhee get's left with the baby, linking to her being left with her brother and sisterthe baby isn't Rhee's linking to how her brother and sister aren't her childrenShows how the women in the film are only allowed to see men's world through doors and do not experience it themselvesShow's how easy it is for the men to drag the women into their world without letting them fully in Showing how most women do the dirty work for the men in the movieStays in tune with the documentary feel of the filmHeavy metal is playing when she comes up to the houseImplies masculinity within the house is more dominantPlacement of characters, makes us question their relationshipsEncourages a relationship between spectator and charcateras a spectator it makes the gravity of the scene more obviousputs audience in Gail's perspective, making us feeling closer to Rhee, while showing the close friendship they haveShots get closer and closer to Rhee and Gail as they talkWhen Rhee is left with the child there is a lot of negative spaceIsolates Rhee, showing how alone she is in her life and how no one is looking after her She is wearing a beanie hat and a long coat which helps to emphasis the cold and harsh nature of the landscape around her. They wrote my entire research paper for me, and it turned out brilliantly.

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